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Our Community

A schematic of our community.

Harvard University's Black community is diverse & dynamic, with new organizations created regularly to meet the changing needs of its constituency, and unify students with similar interests. However, we all have a common goal and as such, cooperate to achieve it through the formation of the Harvard BCL, a collection of leaders from Harvard's well established black organizations.

Association of Black Harvard Women (ABHW)
ABHW"The Association of Black Harvard Women (ABHW) was founded in 1975, through a unanimous decision by 65 black Radcliffe women. Our mission is to strengthen the bonds of black sisterhood through community discussion, social events and public service. The Association of Black Harvard Women currently serves a membership of over 100 Harvard undergraduates with discussions addressing pertinent issues affecting black women and community service events such as the Breast Cancer Walk and Alberta V. Scott Mentorship Program."
Amanda Bradley '15, President

Black Men's Forum (BMF)
BMF"In short, our aim is to uphold the three principles which are the basis of this organization; brotherhood, manhood and fidelity. Maintaining our allegiance to this mission will no doubt prove to be difficult at times. It will very likely place great strains on the members of this organization in the way that any good moral and spiritual battle does. We do not shrink from this challenge. Instead, we face it with the full knowledge and confidence that we will emerge as victors in the battle for our manhood."
Rodriguez Roberts '15, President

Harvard African Students Association (HASA)
HASA"The Harvard African Students' Association (HASA) is an organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent. We are the Harvard community for students from Africa, connected to Africa, or interested in matters concerning Africa. Anyone who is intrigued by lively debates, art shows, cultural shows, music, and African cuisine will find a welcoming home at HASA. We are dedicated to building community and promoting collaboration amongst African students at Harvard, encouraging awareness of Africa within the Harvard community and the greater Boston area, and ultimately contributing back our continent."
Princess Daisy Akita '14, President

Nigerian Students Association (NSA)
NSA"The Nigerian Students Association (NSA) is strongly committed to building a network of Nigerians both at Harvard and beyond. In collaboration with the larger African community, the NSA works to promote social activism among Nigerians."
Olajumoke Odedele '13, President

Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (HSBSE)
HSBSE"The Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (H.S.B.S.E.) is a student-run organization for undergraduates interested in science and engineering. Aware of the scarcity of minority scientists and engineers, both at Harvard and at large, HSBSE aims to address the issues that have led to this under-representation. Our group caters to aspiring African-American scientists and engineers within the Harvard community by providing our members with academic support and professional networks, however membership is open to all Harvard undergraduates."
Atasha Jordan '13, President

Kuumba Singers of Harvard College (KUUMBA)
Kuumba"The Kuumba Singers is a 90-member choir dedicated to the expression of black creativity and spirituality through song. Founded in 1970 as a source of unity and strength for black students, Kuumba is presently Harvard's largest multicultural organization. The Kuumba Singers, under the direction of Sheldon K.X. Reid '96, explore and share the rich musical tradition of black culture through African folk songs, Negro spirituals, Traditional and Contemporary gospel, Master Choral Works, and original compositions."
Lauren Fields '14, President

Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association (BPLA)
BPLA"Established in 2006, the Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association is the most active pre-law organization on Harvard's campus. With over 70 members, BPLA strives to provide pre-law resources and opportunities to all students, with a particular focus on black pre-law students and black pre-law issues."
Gashaw Clark '14, President

Black Community and Student Theater (BlackCAST)
Harvard College BlackCAST"BlackCAST, Black community and student theatre, is a non-profit, student-run organization that provides practical experience in all aspects of live theater. All activities of BlackCAST are undertaken for the primary purpose of stimulating interest and support in Black theater and production on the Harvard campus and the surrounding communities.
Past productions include The Wiz, Fabulation: or The Re-Education of Undine, In The Blood, For Colored Girls/For Black Boys, The Colored Museum, Before It Hits Home, A Raisin in the Sun, Fences, Sing a Black Girl Song, Amen Corner, and our annual fashion production, Eleganza."
Rachel Byrd '13, President

Harvard College KeyChange: A Black Acapella Experience (KeyChange)
KeyChange"KeyChange is the premiere co-ed forum for Black a capella expression on Harvard College's campus. Founded in 2006, KeyChange brought a change to Harvard's acapella scene by choosing to perform music solely from the
African Diaspora. KeyChange's current musical repertoire includes R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, and Motown and is consistently growing. Despite the
variety of music offered on Harvard's campus, the members of KeyChange believe in the need for an a capella group whose song selections and
performance focus on and celebrate the unique interests of the Black Community. Black music is a culture and a bonding force in our community and the members of KeyChange hope to affirm that culture at Harvard and beyond."
Lindiwe Rennert '14, President

Another relevant organization is the Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA), a student-run public service organization at Harvard University. Consisting of 77 program committees, over 1,800 student volunteers, and serving close to 10,000 clients in the Cambridge and Boston area, PBHA is an organization dedicated to Social Service and Social Action. As a student-run organization, it draws upon the creative initiative of students and community members to foster collaboration that empowers individuals and communities. Through social service and social action, PBHA endeavors to meet community needs while advocating structural change. PBHA seeks to promote social awareness and community involvement at Harvard and beyond.